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It seems strange that marketers, long aware of the strategic importance of the Baby Boomer market, have done little about it. For example, 95 percent of advertising is still aimed at the under-35s when the average age of a Porsche owner is 49 and a Harley Davidson rider 52.

Baby Boomers resent the way marketers and businesses are obsessed with youth – despite all that grey hair in boardrooms!

Boomers are media savvy and ethically conscious. They want quality and service. They also want universal products, with as much style as those aimed at any other age group, but with extra attention to design points and intelligible instructions. They want products presented to them with mature rational arguments.

They do not like products or campaigns clearly aimed at ‘the old’. Successful campaigns should always focus on attitudes that are positive, healthy, out-going and rejuvenated.

Companies are now beginning to understand that this huge population bulge with funds to enjoy the autumn of their lives is a one-off opportunity. Boomers have spent their lives changing the world, and they are not about to stop now.

Maturing consumers must see themselves in advertising visuals. Their needs and aspirations reflected in copy.

The portrayal of ageing and of entering the wisest years can be done without putting an 80 year-old into spandex and giving them a surfboard. While more realistic older models are creeping into ads, the majority still portrays age as seen through the eyes of young copywriters and creative directors.

Baby Boomers want truth and realism in their advertising. Like most consumer groups, Boomers are cynical about the empty promise and the ‘feel-good’ alone. But give them a reason to care, a reason to purchase and a reason to be interested, and they will.

Senioragency Australia is not simply about employing older advertising professionals. It is about realising we can market to our parents – afterall, we’ve been doing it all our lives!


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